Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Swan Thieves: The Inspired by Reading Book Club March Selection

Last month, we read this book.

Well, some of us read the book, some of us listened to the book, and some of us started to read the book and didn't finish it.

Guess which category I fall into?

If you picked option one or two, you are VERY wrong....

I got to Chapter 8 and had the highest of intentions of reading the rest of the book on the plane to, by the pool in, or during our travels by car in, Florida.

So yeah, that didn't happen!

When I returned, I googled a synopsis of the book and realized that what I had surmised from the first 8 chapters, was the same as those on the blog....

'Overdescriptive, lacking in interest, and no nice nifty resolution'- and that sealed the deal for me.

I cannot stand when a book doesn't 'resolve itself' and leave the reader with all the loose ends tied up and wrapped in a nice, pretty package with no more questions to ask.

So, I was glad I didn't read all of the (over 500) pages of the book, just to be let down. 

I did however deduce that there was a lot of love in the book. Or at least, lust.

For instance, why would a demented artist keep painting the same woman in his portrait over and over if there was not some love or lust (aka obsession). And consequently slash a painting in the National Gallery. Ugh!!!

And what about the narrator? He says a few times that he had been in failed relationships, but has no problem picking up chicks in the book... 

And then there are the love letters. And in French too!!! Ooh La La!!! How convienient that the narrator has to call up one of his former 'loves' to come over to have coffee and translate...

It just so happens that Alison and I ordered some fun stuff from Swoondimples this winter and that I had chosen the heart that is at the center of my necklace because I knew that I would need it for a book club project!!!

The cracked agate were strands from two seperate trunk shows at Allegory Gallery and I thought of them immediately because they look painted. And they also make a really great necklace to wear for Valentine's Day too! 

So, I may not have read the entire book, or even had my project done for the meet up, but I was able to piece something together that I absolutely adore 'de tout mon coeur' or 'with all my heart'- even if that wasn't my sentiment for the book...

See you next month for my thoughts on 'The Girl of the Limberlost' which I read as a teen and cannot wait to read as an adult to see if I still like it as much!!!!

See you then,


  1. Great necklace -- I love the heart and the way the cracked agate beads complement it.

  2. I'm not sure how I missed that you has posted this...oops! :) Even if you didn't love the book, you made a completely yummy necklace for it! Love the colors!

  3. I don't know how I missed this post either, but I'm glad I finally saw it. I love your necklace! Perfect heart focal and wonderful colors all around.