Monday, December 28, 2015

Evergreen Challenge

Did the holiday kick your ass????

It definitely did mine!

I feel like the month of December (and all the months leading up to) were a giant blur!

I'm looking forward to some downtime this winter so that I can get caught up on some of the projects that I have been wanting to get completed.

Speaking of which, here is my post for the Allegory Gallery Evergreen Challenge. This reveal was WEEKS ago, and honestly, we got together at the shop for a while on Christmas Eve eve, and that's how I got this taken care of!

I never did get it totally 'finished' but here you can see how it looks as it was being created!

I hope you have a wonderful New Year and can't wait for more challenges and book club meet ups! 
Here's to a slower paced 2016!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Miss Peregrine Blog Post for Inspired by Reading Book Club at Allegory Gallery

It was so nice to finally meet up to discuss Andrew and William's move AND have two months worth of books for Book Club this month. Lol

I feel like every post that I write starts off with, I'm so busy or I'm so late posting this, etc...
But I am! 

I'm just really glad that before all of my jobs got really busy this fall (I work at a handful of shops in our town, and as an Administrative Assistant part time at our Township) that I had all the books read a few months out! 

I instantly fell in love with Miss Peregrine, couldn't finish Hollow City fast enough and climbed the walls until the last book of the trilogy was released (coincidentally) this September.

I don't buy books, so I'm a huge fan of our local library and was so excited that I got a copy of the final book within days of its release. I swear, it was hot off the press!!!

So, I'm sure you already know what happened in the book. But if not, and if you haven't read ahead in the trilogy, DO! You will not be disappointed!!!

(BTW, I use blogger on my phone, so I'm hoping that ALL the photos post Ok - orientation and clarity-wise...) it's also the reason that all of my pics are at the very end of my posts. Sorry!

#1. This is an old photo that I sourced from a house that my parents were flipping. I loved that it was old and the folks were canoeing. And in general, it's just damn cool! So it was funny when one of my friends in book club texted me about the ominous ending of the book. This photo just jumped to mind and I knew I had to share!!!

#2. As I read through each book, I thought to myself, I've got to do a project for each one... So I usually spend the month thinking about it and I whip something up as a project the day before or the day of the meet-up... hahaha. Sorry! So one day when I popped into a shop in town, I saw this 'strong guy' and I instantly thought of Brownwyn, the guy with the super strength.... turns out she's a she, but it works for all the times she uses that strength to save the characters in all the crazy situations they get into (in all 3 books).

#3. Quite possibly one of my favorite photos in book #3, I got to put my spin on this pic (see photo #4) whilst at a Hallowedding.... funny, right????

#5. But that wasn't what I wanted to call my 'project' for the 3rd book. I felt I owed it more than that! So this picture is from a scene in the final book where I think the woman just stares into a void. But those beads were too cool....

#6. So, these beads.... I made them myself. And I'm really not sure if I want to call them a Pinterest fail or not.... lol
My husband and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary this fall, and he bought me flowers for it. Like, had the florist deliver them to me at work (which coincidentally was the first day at the new job...){Thanks, honey}

Now, being crafty (or maybe looking at these beads, maybe not?) I looked online for ideas to re-purpose them. I stumbled across a tutorial for making beads from flowers, or basically rosary beads.

So, you've seen them. My entire family was really disappointed with the outcome of the efforts of my labor. It was lots of boiling, and lots of hoping that they would turn out to be pretty as Pinterest. Enjoy comparing pic #6 to pic #7....

In conclussion, I hope you enjoyed my turd beads! I'm still going to use them for something because they aren't too far off from lava beads or some sort of crazy nuts....