Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sarajo's Honey Do Challenge #2 (Inspired by Black & White)

I LOVE black and white as a jewelry inspiration. One of my favorite pieces to make EVER was one that was for our book club and inspired by the imagery of fall leaves at twilight in New England.

The book was 'The Bucolic Plague' by Josh Kilmer Purcell aka one of The Fabulous Beekman Boys. (If you haven't read it yet- it is a must! Oh to have endless capital and Martha Stewart to promote some of your products when you are just starting out...)

Anyhow, the white that I used for that piece was a white and gray round gemstone strand that in my uneducated days I figured was some sort of marble, but turned out to be Howlite.

This stone is also one of my favorites to work with still! So it was no surprise that I had a few strands laying around that I knew would be perfect for this challenge!!!

So why am I so late to post all this? I was in Disney!!!!

This was in one of the fun shops in Disney Springs. Notice Minnie is sporting a white necklace?

Oddly enough, I was ready to go with most of my projects before I left for FL. I took my necklace with me to post about but ran way out of time. However, I wore it a bunch- here I am with my Grandma and her sister in West Palm Beach and I am sporting it!!!
Those are my kids with their GREAT grandma and GREAT GREAT aunt y'all! 
We had several great visits = memories made with the kids.

Sadly, my necklace made it all the way home and the night I brought it with me to the bead shop to blog about, it got stuck on something and broke. Luckily, it was an easy repair, and not many beads fell off the soft flex wire. 

I took two of the beads off and made earrings to match and now I have a fun (and complete) set to wear- because howlite truly goes with EVERYTHING!!!!

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  1. You made yourself a Minnie Mouse necklace! ;) And that looks like a fun shop. Howlite was a perfect choice for the challenge... love the simplicity! I love the picture of your family... how special that y'all had that time together. Thanks for playing along with us!!