Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Beadfest Goodies

So how did I forget to post about my finds at Beadfest????

Oh yeah, last week was play week for the kids and I had two evening events and a visit from some friends from outta town! Crazy busy!!!

But, without further ado:
This vendor had some really cool stuff! I could have spent a ton more money, but....you know, budgets!!!

Above are the art beads I scored! $1 each because the artist said that they had imperfections. (I am still trying to find them- but now I have like 8 projects for Art Bead Scene challenges!!!)

These stars were definitely not something that I thought I would be bringing home.
But, guess what I have planned for them???
BOOk CLUB!!!! 
We will be reading 'A Fault in Our Stars' soon...

This piece was definitely a splurge. It is a Raku pendant with the most scrumptious  red glaze in the center. It has two large bails so it can be strung with beads or just placed on a chain or cord or fiber and worn to show it off. 
It is a stunner and I am a lucky gal to own this!!!!

The top two photos are a strand of ceramic spacers that I think are really pretty. I wish I had found these sooner in the day because I would have bought some more. I love how they are two different colors. They will pair well with something that needs a 'wow' factor.

Alison and I couldn't pass up the AB finish hematite strands. So we purchased 4 for $10. Here's my $5 worth. Ha ha!

Here are my goodies from Saki Silver. I adore their clasps, so I was really excited to get these fun components. Especially that heart. Oooh the patina!!!! 
(The tooth was for gift for Zack)

Look at these crazy beads!!!! They are large, orange circles with these funny bumps on them. This will make a really crazy piece!!! And the pearls are called cornflake pearls. I cannot wait to just string them up as is. Yum!!!

I like big beads and I will not lie....
Seriously, these things are GiNoRmOuS!!!
Faceted quartz! 
And did I say they are HUGE?!?!
Here is the rest of the goodies from the big bead seller. I fell in love with the strand in the middle and would have bought the blue cousin, but again, budget....

These are cards that I got from people that I want to buy from in the future. 
And here are the two things on my wish list so far:
Supposedly this is a seed pod. But I say it is a crown and it would look AWESOME with my Highland Games attire. 
Anne Mitchell, I will be calling you!

And lastly,
Look at these hearts!!!!
They make the prettiest sound when they clink together. 
I am thinking, 'Happy birthday to me!!!'

So, that was Beadfest Spring. The first one I ever made it to, and the last spring show ever.

I cannot WAIT to return in the fall!!!! 

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  1. Nice haul! Some I don't even remember seeing, like the ceramic spacers, I love them!