Tuesday, September 6, 2016

August Book Club: The Silver Witch

When I read the book club book for the month, it took me less than a day to do it. I picked it up and I was pulled in. Couldn't put it down!!!!

There was a ton of great visual stuff, but it took me wayyyyyy longer to come up with a project. That was probably also due to the fact that we were soon leaving for Montana when I read it, and we were also busy buying a new house.


New House:

Yeah, we are kinda crazy like that....

So, thankfully I am a couple of books ahead, because now the kids are back in school, we are in the process of moving, I am back to my steady gig day in and day out, and I feel like I have no more energy to be creative at the moment. Did I mention the kids are also doing cheer and football three times a week??? 


Hehehehehehehe (cue the deranged laughter...)

Anyhow- the in-person meetup was great. I had left the kids at the school open house with my husband that evening to run to my car, and flee the scene to book club. I think I left skid marks in the parking lot from pulling out of there so fast (probably inspired by the Bad Moms movie which coincidentally quite a few of us book-loving bead-stringing mommas went to go see one night...)

Bad Mommas:

Anyhow- getting back on track....
I am SO glad I did get out of school that night and that I didn't miss out on Shepherds Pie from Andrew, wine, ice cream, wine, and fun conversation. Oh, and did I mention wine???? Hahahahaha

We even had a real discussion about the book! Whoa!

So, here are my pieces:

Originally I was going to do my project based on 'Linny' the Land Rover, but that didn't pan out. So, I just happened to pick up this gorgeous piece at Beadfest Fall and I think it worked out perfectly.

Ok- it's pottery of a sort!!! AND the glaze on this is crystallized! So it looks like what I thought the lake would look like on a cold winter morning run around the lake. Pus, it's heart shaped. So, not too shabby for a love story too, right?

Btw- I did get into character by changing my sweater for an athletic topper, and I have no idea who took my picture of me faux-running in the shop that night, but you can use your imaginations... :)

I also made a necklace using Tibetan Quartz, Labradorite, and pearls which can be thrown on over the head. I also cannot wait to wear this one. LOVE the quartz.

And last but not least, I strung this incredible Maku Raku pendant on this cool $.49 neck wire for another fun 'pottery artist' inspired piece:

I picked the focal pendant up at Beadfest Spring and FINALLY did something with it. Yay!!!!

Lastly, I made this super long necklace one day when I was shopsitting, and I think it works well for the book too. It's got that 'dark magic' feel to it.

So yeah, I can say that I had a blast with this book. So much so that I have been busy reading some of the author's other books: The Witch's Daughter, The Midnight Witch, and The Winter Witch. 
All of which I highly recommend!

See you soon! L