Friday, April 29, 2016

Art Bead Scene:April 2016

This is my first post for the monthly Art Bead Scene Challenge. 

I have played along silently before with my friend, Alison, of Alison Adorns. (

Here is the inspiration for the month.
This piece of art is by Helen Frankenthaler. And honestly, it is very beautiful BUT it is almost like that infamous white and gold or blue/black dress... 

I found that a quick google search changed the color schemes quite a bit! So it was best to stick with the colors from the original post.

I have to be honest with you, I am just scratching the surface of the Art Bead world. And it is absolutely amazing! Kudos to all of you wonderful artisans who are making the world beautiful one component at a time!

Now, since I am a rookie, my supply of art beads is pretty small. Ok, it is almost nonexistent!

Lucky for me, the Allegory Gallery crew headed to Philly for a day at Beadfest. 
I purchased several art beads from Ren Farnsworth.
Aren't they gorgeous!?!?!?!

For my piece, I used the one in the very top of the photo. It is abstract like the painting and also has a few of the colors in it, so onto the string it went.

Here is my necklace:
I used quite a bit of everything! Ceramic beads from Michaels, Wooden beads from Allegory Gallery, blown glass with a pretty floral motif inside of each bead, and an assortment of gemstones.

The scarf that I photographed it on happens to be from The Black Bunny Boutique, a fun shop that I sometimes help out at in our tiny little town.

So, thanks for having me Art Bead Scene! It is so much fun to play along, but now I can for real!


  1. Yay Laurel! Nice job, I love the art bead you picked, but how cool is the matching scarf!!!
    Love the asymmetry it has a very balanced feel to it!

  2. I can tell that you had fun with this, especially when you have new beads to play with!