Monday, April 25, 2016

Sarajo's Honey Do Challenge: Inspired by Beer

It is always fun to participate in Sarajo's Challenges because you never know what her husband will be inspired by. 

Afterall, it IS the Honey Do Challenge!!!

Her husband Eric (with a C) is a beer enthusiast, and this month we were to be inspired by beer labels.

MY husband Erik (with a K) got a really cool (possibly microbrewed?) beer from a friend who knows that he is all about the Scottish stuff. (Thanks Seth!h

I mean, we do call ourselves The Ross Clan and all...

So, check out this bottle!

I know this isn't technically a 'label' or a beer can, but it is certainly cool! And I was definitely inspired.

Here is my stuff (fair warning:crappy cell phone pic!)
Obviously, I didn't have a HUGE color palette to play with here. So I used dark browns, yellows and a few cream colored beads.

The focal bead is centered by two golden yellow beads to represent the bottle cap and the rest of the beads are leftovers of browns from several Allegory Design Challenges.

I used brass spacers and Picasso seed beads that are a 'pale ale' color, even though I am pretty sure that this beer is probably dark!

I finished it off with a vintage safety pin closure because most kilts have a very large kilt pin or other decorative pin near the hem. Because, you know, you want to make sure things stay covered when your kilt starts to lift....

And yes, because this is a Sarajo Challenge, I made a matching pair of earrings! Yay me!!!!

Coincidentally, here is a version of the Ross tartan that is called Weathered. Can you believe that the color scheme (minus the red) happens to match my stuff?!?!

That doesn't happen to be Erik's color scheme. But here is a cute one of us on our wedding day:

And here is our latest family pic from the Ligonier Highland Games this past September:

And no, I do not have a Ross tartan kilt. I have one that is black leather and I usually switch up my looks each year. 

In this pic I am wearing goth style tartan boots and pants with a vintage Austin Powers Style polyester pinstriped blazer... Yeah baby! And oh yeah, my fox.
{It's over 40 years old and uber vintage. Don't be a hater.}

So, until next month, stay thirsty and stay beading, my friends!!!! 


  1. Love the bottle inspiration! That was not an easy color palette to work with! Great job! I love that you incorporated the antique pin! I would love to see that close up, it looks beautiful.

  2. Hmmm... that looks like a beer I would enjoy trying! How fabulous that your fun set ended up matching a version of the family tartan...what are the odds? I too love the nod to kilt pins with the antique safety pin clasp. Thanks for playing along and for sharing your other "clan" photos! Check back on May 1st to see what Eric with a c has in store next time! ;)

  3. Very cool interpretation on this one, I like how you tied (pinned?) everything together. And I really want to try this beer!

  4. Funny, cute post, loved it. Necklace design is dead on. Color scheme browns, creams and yellow is pretty. thanks for sharing the family and fox. no hater here, lol.