Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Art Bead Scene: March 2016

In March, the Art Bead Scene posted the challenge on their blog based on this painting:
The colors in this palette are super muted and neutral. But I had a strand of beads that I knew was just perfect for the challenge.

Here is my completed project:
The photo quality isn't the greatest, but you can see the blue/gray czech glass beads that I used on the bottom. They really pull out the mustard/gold tones in the painting and make the piece have a certain 'glitz.'

The top strand of beads are a matte finish seed bead using a darker gray smaller foil lined seed bead as a spacer.

The art beads, which accentuate the other pops of color in the artwork, are glazed ceramics by Keith O'Connor.

A friend posted the following blurb in FB about a week before the challenge deadline. I was glad that I copied it, because she has no affiliation with anything 'bead.' 
Coincidence, maybe! It's a small world, afterall!!!!!

I had started the piece below before I had completed the one above and had all the intentions of using it for another challenge. But, it reminds me more of the little kittens on the branch than it does with the other challenge, so I am posting it here.
The dangling glass beads are foil lined African pretties. And the fun tubes are some sort of embossed and rolled leather from Africa. 

Both of which were sourced from Allegory Gallery a few years ago and although they don't teally count as an 'art bead' I think they are wildly different than most of the materials I use and fit the color scheme enough to be included with this post.

I look forward to playing along in April and I hope you will check back to see what I have come up with for that challenge.

Be well!

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