Friday, April 29, 2016

A Girl of the Limberlost: Inspired by Reading Book Club April 2016

I wasn't particularly inspired this month.

The cover of the book gave me zip in terms of visual imagery. And I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover...

So, I got into the book far enough to go with the main character to high school for the first time.

And my inspiration came from the plain brown muslin dress she wore with old work boots that made her a spectacle on that ill-fated day.

A few pages later, she tells her neighbor how awful it was for her to be laughed at, and he and his wife went to town and got her all sorts of stuff to get her geared up for her second day of school 'real proper.'

My piece this month is a simple string to reflect the brown dress and later on the nice dress from her neighbors.

It is a simple string of smoky quartz pillows and copper toned seed beads. At the closure, I crimped it together with crimp beads and used a few czech glass rounds to highlight one czech glass oval that has a slight AB finish.

This piece is really long, so it can be worn long or short by being doubled up. So when it is long, it is sort of plain, and doubled up, slightly fancier.

Seems to be my style right now!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and see you next month!

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  1. Nice way to show her change (metamorphosis if you will)! Love that smoky Quartz! Great job!