Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bead Fest Philly with my Bead Peeps

We left Ligonier at 8:30 a.m and pulled into the Expo Center at 12:30. We had a nice smooth ride which turned from Western Pa dismal and gray to Eastern Pa sunny skies.

We chatted all the way out, and we had the Turnpike to ourselves- so we could set the cruise control at 75 or 80 and run!

It was great!!!
Here is our entryway selfie! We pretty much divided and conquered. The boys had to work, and Alison and I had to get shopping.

So much to see, so little time!
Alison and I planned to walk the show and then go back and buy.
Sounds good in theory, but that tactic worked for about 30 minutes.
Just look at this table! How can you pass up deals like this???? This table had an offer of strands at 50% off with another 40% off of that. Sooooo tempting!
Alison scored some great deals on Art Beads, and I got a mixed assortment of stuff (see my other post where I highlight my goodies, and check out Alison's goodies on her blog too). 
It was all fun until we went bust... So then we went and visited folks we knew and talked about the Inspired by Reading Book Club...

Oh yeah, And here is Alison at the Green Girl booth:
And the boys? Here they are, hard at work!!! (I even got Andrew and his good side... Lol!)

I was so happy that we got to go!

Did you see that I won an umbrella from a radio station??? Crazy fun!

When we had finally shopped ourselves silly and the boys had made their final stop for the shop, we headed out to eat at this fun place in Phoenixville: 
I loved the art- I even think it was local-
So, cannot wait for Beadfest Philly in the fall. I am saving my monies now!!! Who wants to join us????

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