Monday, March 14, 2016

Fun at Michaels (the craft mecca)

Some of the book club peeps had a fun weekend last weekend! It started off when Dawn and I needed to get the table set up for a local fashion show that an organization that she belongs to was hosting. 

A few more weekends ago, Amy (also from book club) and Dawn and I got together to make these glasses using her die cut machine. It was so much fun!!!!
Our plan was to pair these with manequins from my bridal shower (that now live in my little girl's room) so that our official theme for the table would be 'Manequins and Monograms'

So, back to Friday evening....We made it to the ballroom and set our table up accordingly. Look how nice our table looked!
Then, we called Alison to join us at Michaels. (She and I had seen each other at Allegory that afternoon and when I mentioned that Dawn and I would be near Michaels and would probably stop by after we set up, she offered to meet us there!)

On our way over the hill to the mall, Dawn's little boy told us that he was thirsty, and we realized that we were too!!! So, we decided that Starbucks would be a nice treat, and Alison met us there.

She pulled in right beside a white Lamborghini. Crazy, right?!?!?! (I won't lie, I was trying hard to chat up the owner to see if he would let me sit in it, or at least get a quick selfie, but alas, he had the personality of a cement block- and he was wearing skinny sweat pants {rolling my eyes}.....)

Things got crazy when Dawn's little one couldn't sit still, so we said our goodbyes and parted ways. Alison and I grabbed our go cups and off we went. To Michaels. Finally! (I know you all are in the edges of your seats here....)

I was on a mission to find something to go with my beads that I selected for my Halcraft Pretty Palettes piece. Honestly, I found the strand that would work within 2 seconds of walking into the bead aisle!!!

But something else caught my eye- blue stickers! It became my quest to find and scarf up as many of the blue sticker items that I loved as I could! And here is what I found....

I am extremely thrilled to use these things in my designs. I was also jumping for joy that 1. I got to wander through the aisle uninterupted and at my own pace (extremely awesome if you know what it is like to shop with your husband waiting outside for you, or your two kids, or all three. Trust me- it's exhausting!) And 2. That I had a friend with me who appreciated how exciting it is to find stuff on sale!!!! (Another fun fact- both of us got these huge piles of stuff for under $26 each!!!! Score!!!!)

It was great. After we spent about an hour in just the bead aisle, we wandered around the other parts of the store....I know, it was hard for me to do that! (Yeah right)

We wandered into this fun aisle and I decided to have a little fun. Look what I did! (And yes, it is my cover photo on FB now)
But then we realized it was time for our fun to end and head home. 

Afterall, I had a party to go to the next day! Here's a pic of the three of us with our friend Robin (who we are working on getting into book club with us)

I am so lucky to have these great friends! Thanks Book Club!

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