Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Wrinkle in Time: February Inspired By Reading Book Club Post

So, it's already March 2nd and I am playing catch up from last month. Only one more February project and I will be ready to attack March's projects!

Soooooo, I am not going to lie. This book was a major yawn fest. Two overdue notices from the library, and I finally finished the 20 pages I had left, on Saturday!

Maybe it wasn't REALLY boring, it's just that I wasn't 'into it.'

I found Meg to act like my 7 year old daughter, all over the place but old enough to hold hands with and kiss a boy. Yikes!

I could relate to Charles Wallace because he acts like my son, who is also an old soul in a kid's body!

But, the parents and the pursuit of their careers pained me! Dang their dad for running through time and not being able to make it back to his family!

And darn their Mom for not being able to deal with the here and now of family life. It drives me nuts when adults don't have their shit together enough to take care of their kids! Especially in books!

So, those are my gripes about the book.

Here are my pieces.
Yes! Pieces!!! 

I got another bout of inspiration while I was working on the Art Bead Scene post earlier...
These little cuties came about because they were out on my tray after I finished up my ABS piece. I had snippets of headpins laying around and didn't want to waste them, so this is the result of my recycling. The little colored beads are a dyed turquoise in a flat chevron shape and tiny blue seed beads.

The multicolors represent the numerous layers of clothing that 'Mrs Whoever' (<---- get it? Lol) wore in the story. And the backdrop, I just couldn't resist....

As for my original piece, it is incomplete!
My idea was that I was trying to capture the fuzziness/mixed sensations that Meg described as she 'tessered' through time.

It is a strand of Opalite that is heavy and stunning. I split it into two strands in hopes that I would come up with a clever idea to fix them together, either with jump rings, a cool connector, or beaded loops. 

Obviously, I am still stewing over my options.... and there is plenty of time left for me to come up with something clever.
Stay tuned!

And, join me next month as we reveal our creations for the March selection, The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova.


  1. There was such a mixed bag of reactions to the book this time. Your recycled bits earrings are great, and I love that opalite. I can't wait to see what you do with it. It's so beautiful already!

  2. I like your post this month regarding the book and your honest feelings about the characters! Nice job pulling off earrings for the win! Mrs whoever ... *chuckle* . My favorite is definitely the opalite strands, can't wait to see the final product!

  3. I didn't get as far as you on this book..i.e. I didn't even try since I had in the past. For the same reason you kept your book from the library so long. Just couldn't get into it. Like your new blog and your backdropof LOVE for you sweet earrings. A nice modern version of time travel which I did get into is When you Reach Me by Rebecca Stead--just in case...

  4. Boy, those earrings would go with a lot of things, certainly anything "Mrs. Whoever" puts together! Very charming! Looking forward to your opalite creation.