Friday, September 1, 2017

June Book Club: The Bees

Looking back, I never posted what I made for this book!
It's odd because I remember making something after reading and loving the book...
Oh yeah---- it's probably because I finished the book while I was sitting outside waiting for the power to turn back on.
After we had lost power the night before in a heavy rainstorm that caused some flash flooding.
And said flooding affected my basement when the generator quit running in the morning and the cats woke us up to something along the lines of- 'we are hungry but we can't get to our food bowls without getting our feet wet, so get up and deal with this'
Which turned into my husband getting up to feed the cats, and wading through about 1 mm of water and coming back into the bedroom to tell me that the basement flooded....
Now if anyone knows me well, I can sleep like it's my job. That statement, along with the noise of an animal barfing on my carpet, made me jump out of bed like it was Christmas morning.
Although, this morning consisted of triaging my off-season clothes and boots and handbags, etc that I store there to see what took on water and what didn't. And then came the cleanup....
Which I am STILL dealing with. But that's another blog post!
What a great book!!!!! SO many visuals, and SUCH a tough gig to be a bee. Who knew?
Here's what I made:

I started this about a year or so ago when we got these really pretty Lucite flowers in at Allegory Gallery. The beaded links take some time (and a lot of patience) but the repetition of it all made SUCH a pretty piece that I had to finish it up and use it for the book.

I also scored these very cool honeycomb shaped buttons from an Andrew Thornton Destash, and I knew exactly that they would be perfect for this book! Again, same sort of seed bead chain connector concept with some crazy braided jump rings that I got at Pat Catans one day. I really like it! It's classic but it's funky! (Not your grandma's mother of pearl you guys! HA!)

I was also really taken by this passage in the book. Who would have guessed that with all the violence in the book that there was an underlying love story? SO lovely!


And here are some thistles that I salvaged from an arrangement that I may have pirated from my class reunion but were oh so fitting!

  And here is something that I found that I thought was SO appropriate but pretty funny given the storyline.

Stay tuned for my (also late) and upcoming book club post for July!
Thanks as always for reading. (And relating to my crazy life....)

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