Thursday, May 26, 2016

What the Hell is going on?????

So lately I have been really really really overextended. I am doing everything that I love to do, but I am having trouble finding enough hours in the day to do it.

It is also really hard to find a job that you love and that compensates you accordingly...

When both kids headed off to school, I had a few part time jobs where I helped my friends out at their shops a few days a week.

I wanted some more days and some more consistency and so I applied for another job to round out my newly freed up time.

Throughout the fall and winter, my time at the shops slowed down, so it was easy to work a lot at my consistent job.

But now, summer is here and I have two kids and four employers who all want and need my help.

I absolutely LOVE my time at the shops. I know in my heart that I am meant to have my own store, but the time is not right yet. The kids are too small and would hate me for making them sit there all day when they are out of school.

But three months is a long time to have off and have no schedule, so I have been looking at a few summer camps for them to keep them busy and socialized!!!

I am currently looking at hiring a babysitter for a few other days a week and some summer camps for the kids on the days that I need to be at my jobs in person.

This is a new concept for me because I stayed at home for 8 years and now, I have guilt that I am doing too much for myself and not enough with them! Why do we Moms have these feelings????

I guess I can really look forward to those days that I will be working at home by the pool while the kids swim and play for the job that needs my help with so many projects.

I just hope that I don't have a nervous breakdown trying to get everyone every place they need to be and everything done that I have to get done though.

It is a really fun and crazy ride, and I kinda love it, but I also really just need a nap! 

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