Friday, May 27, 2016

Mystery Challenge-Allegory Design Challenge Reveal

This post is only a week late!!! Woo hoo!!!

I didn't have as much 'utz-pah' to give to this challenge for some reason.

Loved the colors, loved the beads, just didn't have any extra time to create.

So I made some earrings, and in my tried and true and recently adopted half-assed style, there are no ear wires on these babies! 

That was also partially due to the fact that the day of the reveal, we were headed out of town to Harrisburg for the Fire Expo...

Let me explain THAT. 

Nope, I am not in love with fire trucks, or other such apparatus. (Although I do really like flashing lights and guys in uniforms and I might currently work for the local police, which is really fun at times...) 
Is it getting hot in here?!?!?! Lol

Ok, back on track...

So, before babies, my now husband (and volunteer fireman for 25 years) would attend the Expo on his own, and one year when we were newly sweethearts, he asked if I wanted to go with him. Let's just say, that was like 11 years ago and we are still making the pilgrimage....

Did I mention that this thing happens EVERY SINGLE YEAR? And that each year it is on my birthday weekend???????????????????????
The look on my face says it all...
BUT how about that??? It's the first year for a Laurel fire truck....

Anyhow, it has turned into a trip to Hershey Chocolate World to stock up on stuff they don't sell in stores and lots of dark chocolate... 

Check out this amazing chandelier:

And also, this T-shirt: 

And it's not just Hershey World, we have to take a trip to the outlets too... 

Yep, sorry honey, momma needs new shoes and clothes!!!!! (Wink wink nod nod) But he always indulges. I love him for that!!!

As for my little nuggets, they are pretty funny. We stopped by the Carlisle Car Show and they let me take their pics in this car. (No gang signs!!! Yay)

I also found myself drawn to some other orange cars as well:
Isn't this vintage Citroen the best??? We passed it on our way to Harrisburg and it was really great to see it shown when we stopped on our way home. 
You can't see it, but it has a royal blue interior which was so cool!!!

The second orange car was this Saab. OMG- I would have driven it home if I hadn't have spent all our money on shoes and chocolate... Hahahaha

As always, the best part of going away is coming home and the puppies were thrilled to have us (well, me) back.

Can't remember what the next AG challenge is, but I have three more posts that will happen this weekend as I play catch up.

Stay tuned!!!!


  1. Beautiful earrings, neat orange cars. Sounds like the chocolate would be great for your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. Cute earrings! But I really enjoyed the thought of dark chocolate! I hope you had a fun birthday.