Friday, May 27, 2016

Grasslands Challenge-Allegory Gallery

This post is about 2 weeks late, but it's better than never!!!!!

I am finding that earrings are giving me quite a bit of a feeling of satisfaction lately...

Andrew Thornton always would tell me to make 'a quick pair of earrings' for our book club. Well, it sure isn't book club, but the concept is working out well with how little time I have had lately.

Oh yeah, have I told you that I am so low on time that I may need a clone? Yikes!!!!

Bead therapy helps though, so here is what I came up with. (Please note that I have about one or two days a month that I get SUPER creative and extra productive, then I put it all away and forget about it until I am late to the posting party... Anyone else????) So, here goes:

Ok, so a few still need ear wires, and that is OK. Easy to do!!!

I also made a necklace a few weeks ago that was for this challenge:
And another piece that I made from a mixed bag of goodies that I scored from an Allegory Destash...
I used the one step looper tool to make this one and I LOVE it!!!!

I am posting all of my updates today, so stay tuned!!!!

Thanks! L

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  1. Love all of these pieces. I especially like the first pair of earrings. I didn't manage to get this kit, but I remember seeing those beads and knowing they would be hard for me to use. The earrings are perfect!