Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Art Bead Scene: February 2016 Challenge

The folks at Art Bead Scene came up with a fun challenge for February. They used the photo below
as inspiration for the monthly challenge.

I am not going to lie. I LOVE using orange in my work and I knew I had the perfect set of beads to use.

However, I had no art beads that would work that I would be able to submit.

Sadly, I ran out of time last month anyhow, so I completed the challenge late and posted only onto my blog. BUT, I did have a fun time with this necklace.

The focal is a porcelain piece that I found from a vendor on eBay. Luckily, they come in sets of 4, as I broke one when I was trying to get a jump ring through the top! I also kept the piece short so that potential bumps and bruises will not damage it like it could happen if it was longer. (I know that I am very prone to bumping long necklaces off of things when I bend over or down)

I think it brings into play the vintage feel of our Vogue magazine's lady driver, and the dyed turquoise chevrons bring out detail of her dress.

The chain is all repurposed from some junk bracelets, as are the pearl dangles which I will probably move to another spot on the piece.

As for the broken focal, I am saving it for when I learn to bead weave, as it is still intact but will need the softness of the felt backing to protect it from any future blows! 

Looking forward to the next month's challenge! And maybe I will have my act together enough to get my piece complete and submitted in time!!!!

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  1. I need to see that in person! It looks awesome! Wasn't the 20's a fun era! I think we would have made awesome flappers!