Monday, March 14, 2016

Meadow Song Challenge

I had a lot of fun with this challenge!!!!
I love greens- especially lime and olive. So this challenge was a breeze for me!

Speaking of breezes, I started off by making the piece below. If you do not already follow Andrew Thornton's Destash page on Facebook, go now!

Alison whipped up some really cool grab bags and this necklace was made with some of the components from the one that I got.

I'm not a big 'blue user', so when I opened up the bag and saw these nesting lava rocks, I was kind of bummed out.

But in another kit, I had this cool orange plastic circle, so I knew that it would be cool to use it with them!

The yellow beads and the green manik manik are also from the kit. So I am pleasantly pleased with the results on this piece!!! 

The tear drops in the piece below were from another destash. It's a simple string that uses seed beads as spacers, but the lemon lime combo sure is jazzy. I can't wait to wear this one!!!
The following piece was from a bag of beads that a friend at the shop gave me. I know she is going to be bummed out that she passed these up! 

I had enough to make a bracelet, but I need to find an awesome clasp. Once I do, I probably won't take it off for a long while because I love these beads so much! Thanks friend!!! (You know who you are!!!!)

Lastly, I made these two pairs of earrings.
They are both funky and fun and I have been inspired to make earrings lately because collectively, we just don't do it enough when we get together at the bead shop!!! 

Zack, Alison and I have are adding them to our repertoire for sure!

My apologies for not having ear wires on them. Those pics got transferred onto my  computer to free up space because I needed room on my phone and my camera for all my vacation photos.

Greetings from sunny Florida!!!! (Yes, I am blogging from the beach! Neener neener!)

So, thanks for stopping by to take a look! 

And I can't wait for tomorrow when the new kit debuts!!!!! 
Tell your friends to play along if they aren't already!!!
See you then- Laurel


  1. Great pieces! I love, love, love the lemon/lime drop necklace. Also great use of beads in the earrings. I feel like I don't use that much blue either, but you made it look great in your first necklace. I can't wait to see what we come up with for the Hidden Cove kit. Lots of blue to challenge us! :)

  2. Definitely!!! I am totally keeping my eyes open down here in FL for inspiration.
    Thanks so much for your feedback! I need to get hopping!!!