Monday, February 22, 2016

Sarajo's Honey Do Challenge

So, Alison (of Alison Adorns) and I are always looking for a couple of fun challenges each month and we were really excited to learn that our Inspired by Reading Book Club members Sarajo and Eric were challenging themselves to a monthly creative contest!

Of course we had to play along!!!! And thanks for inviting us.

My necklace is made up of a strand of really fun colored pretties from Allegory Gallery which could either be jasper or a dyed marble and some funky wooden beads from a friend's antique store in town.

The focal beads are some porcelain bits that I sourced from Andrew Thornton on one of his epic Destash events on FB.

I have yet to come up with a clasp, as my clasp selection has dwindled and I need to source some good ones.

Do you ever get sick of using the same old same old? That is the rut that I am stuck in...

However, not in a rut for creative challenges. Thanks Eric for challenging your lovely wife to get into her stash! And thanks Sarajo for inviting us along!!!

Can't wait for next month!


  1. What a fun mix of shapes, colors, and textures you pulled together! Those funky wooden beads ROCK! Get working on finding good clasps so you can wear that baby. Thanks for jumping on the bandwagon and playing along with us this month!

  2. PRETTY, PRETTY, pretty!!!! So unusual, which I love!

  3. What a fun combination! I love how you brought together such different pieces to make something so beautiful. Wonderful work! :)

  4. Thanks for finding this new challenge! I see why you liked it, you found the perfect beads to play along with! Your necklace is beautiful and earthy and a perfect fit for the photo and palette. My favorite bead you used are the chips for sure!! Great colors, great necklace!

  5. Very cool, those beads are really wacky!