Thursday, February 18, 2016

Cloud bridge reveal!

Today is the big day! 

It has been so exciting seeing what everyone has created so far, so I am keeping it short and sweet.

My pieces are based on some really cool Indonesian Manik Manik glasswork beads. Andrew and William have some really cool strands of these for sale at Allegory Gallery and I have had a really good time using them in my Monday Basic Beading classes.

This is my first piece. I couldn't get a great shot of the Manik bead in the middle, but it is REALLY cool! The white beads are a frosted glass and they are really heavy, but I am in LoVe with this necklace!

My second piece is based on this 'crazy little pill' bead which is also Manik Manik. I need to find a clasp that is dainty, as the blue and pink seed beads are small, as are the tiny jump rings that connect the looped wire.

Lastly, this is the what I made from the strand of rough rose quartz that was in the kit. This is part of a muffin tin challenge that Alison Adorns and I challenged ourselves to in January.

And if you think you have seen those hearts before, you have! They were Andrew Thornton originals for a bead kit last year! Lucky me, right!?!?!?!

I am still busy working away at it (the muffin tine challenge) and in my spare time (ha ha- I need a clone) I am chopping away at my beading to-do list! (See my previous post about all the challenges we are working on this month!!!)

Ok, so that's it for me! See you all soon!
My next project will debut on the 22nd and it will be my piece for the SJ Designs Honey Do challenge.
I have my piece complete, and cannot wait to show it off!!!!

Spoiler alert: I used some funky beads!

Be well my friends!!!!


  1. I love all of these pieces, but I admit to favoritism - I have a weakness for the first one! I love those white beads and the whole flow. I'm going to have to use some of my Manik Manik beads. So pretty!

  2. Very cool pieces! I like how you used the pink and blue lined paper as a backdrop for your first piece! I also like how you used the sequins! Great minds think alike! And the texture of your second piece is really lovely. It has a rosary vibe. And your last pieces are really fun! Perfect for Valentine's Day or any day that needs a little extra love! Thanks for playing along! Looks like the creative challenges have been really exciting for your creative mojo!

  3. I love your bracelets, Laurel, - especially the rose quartz one.
    I really appreciate the work that went into that gorgeous necklace. you could make a simple hook for the clasp. (I use 18 or 20 gauge wire for mine.