Sunday, August 14, 2016

Late but not Never- Luna Moth Challenge Kit

I was on a roll in July.
I had a bunch of projects in the works- even some that I had finished completely. And then things came to a screeching halt!
I put my bead bag down and it didn't move for several weeks while the projects I had been working on waited patiently for me to return to finish them up.

Life has been moving at the speed of light for me. I liked to think summer would be hot and slow and it would be a 'sittin on the dock of a bay wastin' time' kind of summer. 

But nope. 

Here are my creations for Luna Moth. BTW, this kit was incredible. I LOVE the light greens and the hints of browns that this kit had.

This month I made a TON of earrings and a lot of them are using some hoops that I found at Michaels to give them some added glam. 

I have two more projects in the works as well. Here is one of them that features some African glass, pyrite chips and brass spacers. I am not sure if I want to make this a bracelet or make it the focal point of a necklace by adding some chain to it.

And here is my second piece that is still on the table. I know that I want this to be a necklace but I am not sure whether to add chain and call it a necklace or to add two strands of the blue seed beads that I used as spacers to make it a necklace.
Decisions decisions!!!

Of course the question will be: long or short? Haha! And I guess that choice will be made later when I decide to finish it!

What do you all think? I'd LOVE to know!


  1. I like the chips inbetween the afican glass! I LOVE the center bottom of the last necklace!! I love to see you incorporate a little asymetricness with the pearl off centered with the big chips! Great!

  2. Hahaha! Thanks. But it is just a trick of the eye. It's symetrical...