Sunday, August 14, 2016

Just for fun pieces!

It's hard to believe that Beadfest Spring was in March and that we are heading back for the Fall show this week. 

I will be completely honest and say that I haven't quite used up all the goodies that I got at the Spring show and quite frankly have amassed some other pretty stunning strands, components and art beads. 

I meant to blog about those art beads actually, but never got around to it. (Probably because I don't want my husband finding out how much $$$ I spent LOL)

I am pretty crazy excited about the pieces in this post though. These two feature some of the strands that I got this spring and I cannot be more excited about how awesome they turned out.

This is the latest and greatest. It features these crazy cool rounded triangles that are the prettiest shade of a lightweight and lightly colored gray wood. 

The large black rounds are Lava. But they are smooth instead of the typical landscaper quality you usually see. And yes, they are super heavy, but when paired with the wooden beads, it balances out beautifully.

This piece slips over the head and there is constant movement as the triangles are always flipping around as you move.

The beads inside the triangles are some sort of agate and I am quite pleased that they fit in the holes of the triangles because I really didn't want the bead wire to show and I also didn't want to have to seed bead those inside wires either!

The second piece that I made features these incredible seashell rounds. 
I also used some sea glass, some ceramic blue tubes, some brass spacers, some art glass, and the prettiest turquoise amazonite rounds I have ever seen!!! 

I just adore this piece!

I also made another shorter piece that feaures and art bead ring (artist unknown) as well as an art bead clasp (artist also unknown).

I am pretty happy with the results!!!!

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