Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday FUN day!!!

Today I played around with a box of my red beads that have been gathering dust in my stash.

Red us not a color that I go to usually, but I completed this piece today and have some others laid out to play with tomorrow.

The beads are an AB finish ruby peanut, but we lovingly call them dog bones. A simple flower shaped toggle clasp finishes it off.

The focal is by Jade Scott.

Did you know that I found out about her about a month before she retired? 

The final shop updates were so jammed with bidding activity that most of the time you clicked buy it now on an item before you even knew what it was. 

And even then, the paypal transaction wouldn't process fast enough and you would lose out!

Needless to say, whenever I see some of Jade's work on a Destash, I go for it!


  1. LAUREL!!! You should post this to ABS Monday Beady Link Blog Party!

  2. Love this necklace. I am a big fan of red. And Jade Scott!

  3. Super cute! I miss seeing Jade's new work come into the world. I'm still hoarding a few pieces that I managed to snag over the years. That clasp is just perfect to tie things all together. LOVE!