Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Inspired by Reading Book Club: Drinking the Rain

In keeping up with my tradition of not getting the books of the months read, this book also did not get completed.

I got to Chapter 3 and could not go any farther!

My logic was this: The concept of the book hits too close to home. If I had a 'nubble' or a second home on my own little private island to go to, I'd be there in a hot minute! Shanty or not!

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but it's summer and I need a break!!!! Remember the Calgon commercials? Calgon take me away!!! Lol

Anyhow- by Chapter 3, the main character in the book has run out of the food she brought along with her and makes a trip to the store, which has practically nothing.
So she grabs some canned goods and heads home and has to learn to forage...

My pieces are inspired by this image. I used these dusty acrylic beads to represent the rocks of the beach and the shells of the clams that she gathers. The red and pinks really don't mean anything, they were just on the strands. And it glams it up a bit as well. Bling bling!!!

So, why the cupcake focal you ask?

Well, I have been on a Jade Scott kick lately and I really wanted to use this one. I got to thinking how I would feel if I were living in my beach shack and didn't have access to the junk foods and goodies that I love to eat. And so I figured, I ised this focal... 

It may be a stretch, but too bad.

Want another stretch? If you look closely, a few of those beads are raindrop shaped.... And maybe there happened to be some Cupcake wine tonite at the meet up. Just saying...

By the way, my contribution to the meet up was a smorgasboard of nuts, dried fruits and fancy Triscuits in a Vera Wang platter. It was my homage to her pampered city life, and also to her island life where things like these probably would have been in her little pantry. 

Well, maybe not the Triscuits....

Thanks to William for capturing this pic:
Vera Wang^^^^ 😀

Anyhow- I made a matching bracelet.
I ran out of the pretty ruby red vintage rounds that I used in the necklace, but I used all three of the strands with no lone beads. Winning!!!!

And here is another funky little hickymadoodle that I am probably going to just put on a simple little oxidized metal chain, or even a large safety pin.

I am HORRIBLE with round nose pliers y'all!!!! But I lovingly say that my ends are artistic. Hahahahahaha!

So, onto next month!!!!

The selection will be The Fault in our Stars. Grab your Kleenex!!!!

See you next month!


  1. Beautiful set! You made some fanfrickintastic stuff this month! YAY!

  2. I'm surprised that you had time to read at all! You've been so busy with the kids and work and everything. I have a feeling that things will change pace shortly and you'll be able to have more time to read and make things again! Nicely done on the pieces! I like the color combo and the mix of faceted and smooth shapes. And you can't go wrong with Jade Scott, can you? Your nuts and berries were delightful and it's always nice to see Vera at the book club. Makes me feel classy! ;-) Thanks so much for participating (even with such a hectic schedule)!

  3. Love your set, Laurel! And, as usual, your post cracked me up! :) I love your homage to the junk food you would miss while foraging on your island with your cupcake pendant. Fun all around!

  4. I love your pieces, especially the "funky little hickymadoodle"! Fun!