Sunday, January 10, 2016

Spirit Walk Design Challenge

Happy New Year!!!!

I don't know about you, but nothing is better than starting off the new year with a new planner. I love how it feels when I write out all the things that need to be done and eventually crossed off the list. 

I also am a little strange in that I enjoy procrastinating. I think that over the years, I have convinced myself that it's an added personal challenge to see how long I can put something off, and then revel in what my finished product is when I 'whip something up' as the clock ticks.

I usually fly by the seat of my pants. It made my parents crazy, it makes my husband crazy, and I'm sure it makes other people crazy too! Sorry!!!!

So, I may be slightly sadistic, because even I have these moments where I ask myself why I waited so long to do something, but it's a small part of what makes me, ME!

Oddly enough, for this project, I knew that I would be crazy busy shopgirling before the holidays, so I had my projects taken care of and ready to reveal. So much so that I inadvertantly made this piece to wear with an awesome purple faux fur jacket for New Years Eve, and I totally forgot to wear it when the time came!!!!

So, moral of the story, I guess that it just doesn't work for me to be that planned out and ready to go. I had even taken pictures! What works best for me is that I have gotta work up to my deadline or things get lost! Things get forgotten! 

All in all, I guess it will be pretty to wear with something for Valentine's Day, so it works out in the end. As long as I don't misplace it...


  1. This is lovely. The color combination is wonderful. You would have rocked it with the faux fur!

  2. You're a funny lady. Please don't forget to wear your Necklace on V day. Fun post