Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer Break Projects

I took the kids with me to the shop one day because it is summer break and I didn't have a sitter and it was fun to see what they would come up with project-wise. And we did have a ton of fun!

It was also nice to be able to make some stuff of my own because I had had an evening of inspiration the night before where I made a necklace that I absolutely love. (And consequently forgot to get a photo of)

As everyone knows, I have sort of been a little bit 'over everything' lately.
The house, the kids, the husband, the job, etc.

So when inspiration hit, I was riding a much needed wave of creativity and came up with this stuff:

Had this pretty strand of agate and these cute little spiral spacers laying around. This piece has Picasso seed bead spacers and I used my awesome looper tool to create a faux wire wrapped necklace that you can throw over your head and go. And how can you not be happy with the colors when you wear it?
So, I was definitely in a color scheme-y kind of mood when I came up with this piece. The colors didn't photograph as well as I would have liked and they look like they clash, but the cracked agate in this  piece has lots of pinks, whites, purples and browns.
I don't know if I absolutely LOVE the pattern I chose, and I might re-string it...
Either way, the oval shaped amethysts, and the diamond shaped rose quartz that highlight a single faceted moonstone make for a pretty piece.

And then we come to this piece....
I absolutely positively adore this.
BUT- it isn't long enough and I will definitely be looking into my toolbox to see if I can find some more ceramic or art beads that I can add to it to give it length so that you can see all the amazing beads that are on it.

And because you are probably wondering what I have been working on since?

Absolutely nothing......

Stay tuned until the next surge of inspiration!

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