Thursday, March 23, 2017

Destash Project #2

So Alison and I both ordered some Destash Boxes and we have been picking through each others goodies like it's gold in a treasure chest!

Alison and I are two distinctly different 'makers.'

She has a penchant for art beads and a strong boho vibe that she demonstrates so beautifully with the use of different fibers and textures. Her style is earthy and natural.

My style is go big or go home. I like to pile it on and have tons of strands of loud colored stones or beads. I also love facets and flash, so, statement pieces are definitely my go-to.

Well, yesterday, we had a chance to swap out some goodies, and man! I think we are both pleased with our trades!!!

A few posts ago, I showed you these beauties:

Well, yesterday, with the help of the swap with Alison, I scored some lovely ceramic art beads. She had just enough to be spacers for the resin focal pieces.
Now, I will admit that I wasn't loving the design at first. The resin is so springy and pastel colored that I was worried about the caramel accent not looking quite right. But once I paired everything with some caramel colored melon shaped Czech glass spacers, I started to fall in love with it!
So, you know that I am usually saying on here that my piece is unfinished and it's usually because I didn't have a clasp... BUT this time I had two and got CRAFTY! (Sarajo knows what I'm talkin' about!) ;)

So here she is- two toggle clasps later and this piece becomes two! You can wear it as is as the necklace
Take it apart and wear the Manik Manik beads as a wrap bracelet!
I wore it to work today with a brown leather jacket and got a ton of compliments!
Here's another detail of the shirt. Who would have thought?!?
(Sidenote: Shirt is a limited edition run by an American-made company based in Philadelphia, Pa called National Picnic). You may still be able to get one at The Black Bunny Boutique located here in Ligonier!
Stay tuned for what I will come up with next!

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