Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sarajo's Honey Do Challenge: June 2016

Ummmm, let's just take a minute to say, WAY TO GO LAUREL!!!!!

I finished this month's challenge BEFORE THE DEADLINE!


I love this challenge for so many reasons. Mainly because Sarajo's hubby encourages her jewelry making hobby by inspiring her with his photography hobby.

(Side note: This will never happen in my lifetime unless my hubby starts inspiring me by snapping a pic of his awesome dirt bike, his tractor, the side by side, and maybe some various top shelf power tools he owns.... Sad news, all of them are red, red and white, orange and white, or orange and black. So I guess maybe I would get a few months. Lol)

Anyhow- let's get to this month's inspiration of the koi pond.

I totally ran with this one! I saw the green of the leaves and coincidentally had all of my green beads out in search of some that Andrew was looking for.

They sat on my counter for another three weeks until I grabbed them and threw them in my bead bag!!!

Also, Alison and I have been slightly obsessing over Candie Cooper. I just adore her live videos and LOVE the way she wears multiple pieces of jewelry in assorted lengths on her neck and groovy styles of assorted bling on her wrist.

So here is what I came up with:
These two pieces use four full strands of beads (3 of which are glass on one is stone) which I strung kind of yin yang style.

The next piece is a combo of vintage lucite (small darker green rounds and large limey green rounds) with some leftover glass and stone from the two other pieces.

The orange ceramic focal is from a full strand that I picked up at Beadfest Philly this spring and the other swirled bead is part of that African bead stash that a friend of mine gave me.
(Side note two: I have three more beads from that stash to use! It was great inspiration. Maybe we should start a random act of bead kindness thingy and send members little bits of goodies from our stashes to see what they come up with????)

So all together, this is what they look like:
I cannot WAIT to wear these. But as you probably noticed, the last piece needs a clasp... 

I will get to it one of these days!!!!

Can't wait for the July Challenge!
See you next month-


  1. Great job this month! I like the multiple necklace idea and think these all work well together. My favorite is the one with orange of course! Now I want to see a Power Tool Challenge!

  2. My favorite color is green and I love the beads. and that pop of orange really makes this stand out.

  3. My favorite color is green and I love the beads. and that pop of orange really makes this stand out.

  4. Very nice I love how you layered them I used green and orange too!

  5. Whahoo!Yay!I LOVE this set you made! I like the yin/yang look of them and I especially like the green and orange tube bead!

  6. Lol. You crack me up, Laurel... Let's see some tractor and power tool inspired creations!! I love the layered necklaces! I'm not great at thinking about combining pieces or layering things up. Now I'm inspired! I think my favorite is the one with the orange... get a clasp on that thing so we can see your trio in action! (P.S. maybe someone needs to send you a random act of clasp kindness!) Thanks for playing along this month! Check back on Monday, July 4th to see what Eric has in store for us next.

  7. These are lovely! I don't usually think of layering necklaces, and these are inspiring. I love the color palette you went with, too. Beautiful!
    (And, heh... I would totally join you for a power tool challenge, lol. It's fun finding inspiration in unusual places. *grin*)

  8. Congratulations on finishing on time! I was so busy, I didn't even know it had started.
    I'm in love with the idea of layering mismatched, yet coordinated necklaces. You did it so well! I also love that you focused on grwen instead of the obvious blue.