Monday, March 20, 2017

Snow Days = Creative Days

We had two snow days last week that absolutely NO ONE was expecting.

Ok, so maybe the one we were, but the second day was just supposed to be a 2 hour delay!

By the middle of the second day off, the kids were climbing the walls and I needed to get to work to take care of some projects. And I also just needed to get them out of the house because whatever I was cleaning, they were un-cleaning. It was a vicious cycle and it wasn't fun for anyone!

So after an hour of 'take your kids to work day' we headed into Allegory Gallery to get creative.

I was soooooo glad we did. The kids had an absolute blast and I had a realization: my kids are pretty creative and have great eyes for design.

Here are the little buggers at work designing their projects:
Alison had a variety of stuff from her stash that they turned into some pretty impressive projects!
Here is what they made:

I think they were thinking spring and summer too!
My daughter made a really cool choker:
Special thanks to Alison for all the help. The kids can't wait to come back!


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