Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Made it through Mothers Day!

I wasn't really sure what to expect this Mothers Day considering that we had lost my grandmother a week before. But it turned out to be a great day! 

Grandma was sadly missed, but she was definitely with us!

The kids spent the night at my aunt's house, so I woke up to a quiet house and  had some time to relax before I started the big day.

First stop: Warrior King Pastries!!!!
These beauties are Shortbead Cookies with Violet/Rose Sugar Topping. They were sooooo good!

And, this gorgeous beast:
A Shortbead Cookie with a Scottish Thistle. It was so beautiful!!!!!

I took one to my friend Jen who owns a Scottish Pub called Hansleys and she was super thrilled to get it. Hopefully they can partner one day.

We treated my Mother In Law to a late lunch/brunch at the Ligonier Country Inn (which was fabulous) and then we headed home to clean up the pigsty before my family came over for dinner!

Isn't it funny that Moms really do not get a day off????

I did have fun setting the table though. I tried not to be super fancy, but it ended up a little mix and matchy. I also got my Mom and my Aunt a pretty cookie from Warrior King. Don't they look pretty in their gorgeous packages?

I finished my night off by doing some laundry, running two loads of dishea throught the dishwasher and catching up on the latest episodes of Empire.

And that my friends, is a dang good day!

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